About the eBot Project

eBot is a partnership initiative of the Faculty of Science School of Biological Sciences and the University of Sydney Library. The initial development of eBot was funded by a University of Sydney Teaching Infrastructure and Equipment Scheme grant.

Academic partners include Murray Henwood and Rosanne Quinnell. Library partners include Rowan Brownlee, Su Hanfling, Caroline Regan, and Julie Price.

eBot supports the sharing of images to enrich learning and research in the plant sciences worldwide. eBot contains a range of high quality images with diverse subject matter: from micrographs to photos of herbarium specimens from the University of Sydney: John Ray Herbarium. The images are supported by descriptive information including taxonomic details.

eBot supports the use of images within an educational environment. Creators retain copyright at all times, and with their permission, digital representations of works enrich learning and teaching programs and aid scholarly research. eBot is managed by the University of Sydney Library.

eBot uses a descriptive framework based on the Herbarium Information Standards and Protocols for Interchange of Data (HISPID). HISPID was developed collaboratively by a committee of representatives from Australian Herbaria.

The site was created by Rowan Brownlee, using the eXtensible Text Framework (XTF). Rebecca Goldsworthy created the homepage banner using images from the collection.


Terms of use

eBot is freely available on the Web, but vistors must agree to the eBot Terms and conditions. Source (eBot), creator and copyright should be acknowledged when using images. Commercial use of images is not permitted without the permission of the University of Sydney.


For information about the eBot Plant Sciences Collection or to provide feedback or ask questions, contact Dr Murray Henwood. For information about technology providing collection access, contact Sten Christensen.